Come fly with us for the best view on the Delaware coast!

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TOP PICK 800ft - Parasail Package $80

Thrill seekers look no further, our 800-foot parsailing package is our most popular option. Soaring high above the water with views that will leave you smiling for hours. This is the choice for anyone seeking the full parsailing experience.

Observer $25

(Based on availability)

Digital Photo Package $35

Our Digital Photo Package is a great way to remember your parasail adventure. Each package includes between 20-30 photos and are taken with a Nikon D5000 digital camera fitted with a 300mm zoom lens. As soon as it's your turn, the memories start by capturing shots of your take off, scenic shots in the air, and of course the dip! All of your photos are stored on an SD card which you get to take home with you.

GoPro Package $35

Capture every second of your parasail adventure on video! With the help of a GoPro mounted on a stick, you will record the entire experience to share with friends and family for years to come!

Combo - GoPro & Digital Photo Package $60

The full memory package. Both video with the GoPro and Digital Photos and save $10!

*We do not accept reservations for observers. Parasailers always have first priority. At the time of departure, if there is room available, we allow a limited number of observers due to the United States Coast Guard regulations.

Other Parasail Goodies!

Parasail T-Shirt $15 or 2 for $25

Our t-shirts make great souvenirs for remembering your parasailing adventure. They also make great gifts to bring back home, so your friends and family can picture themselves parasailing.

Gift Certificate 800' ($80)

A great gift idea for someone special in the Delaware area, or for your out-of-town guest planning a visit. We can provide gift certificates in any amount to meet your needs and budget.

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or purchase online below.

800' ride gift card ($80 value)

How to plan for the weather

PLEASE DON'T PLAN YOUR PARASAIL EXCURSION BASED ON THE WEATHER FORECAST! Most of the weather forecasts for the Maryland and Delaware shore come from far away and as a result are usually inaccurate (in terms of precipitation). In addition, shore weather can be fickle and often isolated. For example, it may be raining in Bethany Beach and sunny in Dewey Beach. Often they will forecast a 50% chance of rain and we don't get a single drop, where as other times they forecast a 10% chance of rain and it rains all day.

OUR RECOMMENDATION: Make the reservations for when you would like to go and in the event of inclement weather we will contact you to re-schedule for later that day or another day. You can always call prior to your reservation to get a weather update from us. You can rest assured that the captains and staff at Dewey Beach Parasail constantly monitor the weather (real time) to ensure a safe and memorable trip!